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Demand Generation

Demand Generation Programs

Are you facing the problem of building a strong sales pipeline ?
The aim is to feed the qualified...

Database Solutions

Database Solutions

How to reach your target market.
Successful marketing campaign is directly...

Audience Acquisition

Audience Acquisition

Market Imperials aims at acquisition and management of right set of customers for the events.

Appointment Fixation

Appointment Fixation

At Market Imperials, we first target qualification of the leads then post qualification, we book appointments and transfer calls over to you...

Event Management

Event Management

We create and host events on behalf of our clients. With the aim of event management business promotion and branding...

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

We at Market Imperials help our customers in building social viability. We believe that the key to success in this new digital era...


It’s our major agenda to come across database solutions and services to smoothen your business agenda as well as secure your investments and funding. With the intensified technological advancement, worldwide network and enormous amount of data generation, we help our customers to achieve a wide marketing prospective which helps them to entertain their customers demands for a longer time period. We even define new business opportunities to minimize the risk of failure and allow our clients to give a competitive notch in the market.

They are data driven programs that are made to build a customer and brand relationship. It includes variety of marketing programs that help the company to get the customers excited about the company’s product. There are a lot of ways in which Demand Generation can help the success of the company. It can help out a company to generate PR, re-engage the customers that are already using the product or service of the company. It also helps the company to describe the new product details out to the customers. It is a definite data driven strategy. Demand generation does not only involve choosing the right theme but also to create a funnel or to be more precise choosing the funnel to reach out the right customers. Demand generation is the bridge between the sales of your company and the revenue operations. One of the main benefits of demand generation campaign is that it differs on the length of the relationship with the customer which in case of demand generation is higher. All we need in demand generation is a point of reference.

Demand generation is all about providing right information to the customer at the most right time so that he gets the right product at the right time. It is not about supplying customer with just any other product or service that the customer does not even need which in turn builds a long lasting relationship with the customer and it is totally based on trust. So we ensure to build such relations for you. And to make your demand generation program a success in the market we devise our own personalized strategy that would work perfectly for a business. The demand generation process is incomplete without inbound marketing and it helps the companies to create content that is closely curated with the product and helps to attract new customers through demand generation tactics. The relation between the sales and marketing not has been too good in the past so demand generation has been able to bridge that gap to ensure that the both occur at the same time. Our highly experienced teams make sure that the programs run through us are specific and the new targeted audience is of great value to the company. We focus on attracting quality clients over the quantity. Also we have a highly creative team of graphic designers that make sure that the content created for the inbound marketing is highly engaging and the viewers are bound to the content and spend a great time with the content and the watch time is of high amount, which in turn helps to increase the probability of conversion. Our team takes care of the needs and the emotions of the clients and after accessing the market trend our team will furnish you with customized marketing campaign. Thus in turn it helps to increase the success and revenue of the company.

In this new era of digital world or we can say internet world any company which has the data is the king of the market. You can do just anything with the data, be it predicting the probability of success or failure, pushing your product into the market or reaching out to probable customers, you can do anything with the data. Data can do wonders for your business. And if we take a look at the working of a company all the results are evaluated on the basis of data. If we speak in some bolder terms then data is the matter of success and a failure for the company. So the right database can take your business from zero to one as we say in the business terms. But what actually is the great database. If we search over the Google there are hundreds of companies that will be providing you the database. But there are very few ones of those who provide the relevant data or the correct database. Suppose a company sells pencils and the database they wanted was of stationary shops or shop owners in the school but what they got in the database was the data of students. Definitely the data is of some use but not of great benefit to the client. So there can be two datasets and one might not even help you make even a single sale, even if the data contained thousand contacts. And that is where we come into play by providing unmatched service to our esteemed clients.

Our experience speaks for us. We do not charge to scam you and waste your hard earned dollars. Since we believe in making lasting relationships with our client thus we make sure the database provided by us is of great use to you and does not lead to dissatisfaction. We believe in pure results and all we care about is the close to 100% result which keeps our hard working team smiling and our clients too happy. We have a repository of thousands of datasets, which are updated from time to time so that they are highly valuable to the company and offer great insights or conversions, whatever is the aim of your company. So next time do not worry about your database and trust us. We promise to deliver the right database within the right time frame and help you achieve your goals whether it is to reaching out more people or to sell your services or products. Forget about the misleading databases solution providers and join us for the most perfect database solutions.


Our webinar services help organisations across the globe to enhance their marketing and training programs with our advance features.


We have a good experience in conducting/planning seminars for our clients in various fields along with the backend support team for seminars.

Whatever is the event the right kind of audience is what a company requires to make it a success. Online events have definitely gained popularity these days as they tend to draw the maximum attention and generate sales cycle for the company. Building a great product does not mean customers will come to you and buy your product and will get crazy by it. In the online marketplace the game has altogether changed and acquiring the audience for your product is altogether a different task. Audience acquisition is just not about getting the people for your product but it is all about getting the relevant audience for your product or service at the right time and right timeframe. That is what the right service of audience acquisition is all about. Right Audience Acquisition helps to reach relevant audiences across the web platform. The right Audience Acquisition attracts relevant traffic to the blog, articles, videos etc. In the end the Audience Acquisition helps the business to enhance the brand awareness, more leads and sales.

Ultimately the motto of every event is to convert the audience into clients or to sell the product or service to them or use them as a medium to push your product into more audience through them. In some cases the outcome that the company wants is in the form of investors to the service or product that they are offering. Whatever is the goal that you have in your mind our team makes sure that the audience gathered for any event is of great quality and there are no time passers in the event audience. So our highly experienced technology professionals make sure that the communication is highly valuable by creating audience profiles and relevant content. We also use our expertise to determine the content that will be most engaging to the audience. Very few companies build the audience which is relevant to their events and we truly help out the companies to find the right audience for the product or service. So next time when planning an event and struggling to hit the right kind of audience, come to us and give us a chance to offer our expertise make your event a high performance one and highly beneficial for you. We use E-mails, telecalling and many other strategies to gather the audience for your event.

Many budding companies build the right products but they truly do not have the right contacts to carry out their idea. There is a very common myth in companies that building a great product or service is the key to success for the company. But very few know that more than building a product what they truly need is contacts and connections that too with the right people. But it is not possible for companies to have connections with the key decision makers in the industry. Meetings with the right people can truly boost the product or business to a new level. No matter what type of help you need or whatever is the purpose you want to serve, our great experience and friendly terms with the top notch people in the industry can help you to boost the business. And that is where we come into play. Our vast experience has helped us to be in contact with the top people of almost all the industries on international as well as domestic level.

Thus we can help you out and act as a bridge between your sales team and the next possible prospect and buyer. Whether you need an appointment with an influencer or an investor we have got it all covered ranging from the top level in the industry to the medium level. It all depends on you what type of appointment you want and which type of professional you want to consult, we got it all. It can be a personal meeting or over some video conferencing app, we will help you through it without any flaw and make sure the result is achieved for which you were hoping. In the end our success depends on your success. So we always strive to make our clients a great success.

Event have always moved the world and helped companies to reach out to the top. All the companies, some of the big names in the market like Microsoft, Apple rely on the webinars and many other online events to carry out the new information in the market or to introduce the new product. The way now world operates has changed. All the communication nowadays takes place on the internet. Now the companies do not go door to door for introducing their products. Instead the whole world is just moving out on internet. Events like Webinars, Seminars, Online Podcasts and many other means have been introduced to reach out new people and clients. So there is a lot of content that goes into an event like this and there is a lot of scope to reach out people. But to make any event a great success our team strives to work seamlessly day and night. But you do not need to worry about it. We put a lot of effort on your behalf into the event to make it a success. Whether it is about creating an engaging content or inviting people to the event or to setting it up in the runtime and offering it to people to maximise benefit we got it all covered. We take all your pains and make sure that the event is success.

So next time you are planning to carry out an event remember the best ones in the game to make sure your event stands out in the market and is a great success. We make sure that the event is shared on the mass level and the event is reached out to as many people as possible. We also make sure that the audience that is gathered for the event is appropriate and right fit for the client. Right amount of audience will make sure that the sale is high and the conversion is good. Thus we always believe in taking it to the extra mile when it comes to effort.

Gone are the days when billboards were used to market the product and gain the attention of the customers. The world has moved on Digitally in the means of marketing and this has truly helped them to gain a massive audience base, since the whole world has moved to the internet. New internet age of we can say millennial era has given rise to online marketing, which is often termed as Digital Marketing. For any naïve person if we simply say, Digital Marketing is the process or technique by which a product or a service is digitally marketed by means of blogs, videos, pictures, gif’s, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay Per Click), paid search advertisement, social media marketing, content marketing, native advertising, affiliate marketing, E-Mail marketing. It does not help only the companies to reach out B2C clients but also to reach out to B2B clients. Thus providing a great platform to reach out to most people and enhance the business operations.

We use the variety of techniques that are quite unknown to most of the companies in the market and deliver an unmatched result. Our highly experienced team of professionals work on the needs of the client and understand truly the need of the client and use their creativity to make sure the content is highly engaging. Now there are ways to carry out digital marketing of your product or service. It can be in the form of paid or unpaid. There are many agencies out in the market who can claim to grow your business overnight but never fall into such traps because they use unethical means and we have always believed in helping the clients through organic means and ethical ways. There are many social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn over which the major chunk of Digital Marketing is carried out and the results are obtained by the customer.

Our great expertise will ensure that we use our experience for your growth and provide you the results that you desire. We create highly engaging content and provide you best service at very less price. But a low price point does not mean we compromise over quality or results. Instead we strive to provide the best results possible. Our trained professionals make sure we track the growth of the clients seamlessly. Whether it is your website ranking over the search engines or the Ad-Campaigns or online posts over the social media, we will help you out through everything you need in the world of digital marketing. Be it influencer marketing or any other mode of Digital Marketing we make sure that we bind up with the best in the market and deliver result that the clients dream. Try our unmatched Digital Marketing services once and we assure you, you will not regret.

Human resource (HR) consulting, also referred to as human capital advisory or HRM consulting, spans advisory and implementation activities related to the management of an organisation’s human capital and the HR function. The scope of services range from overarching work on human capital strategy, to the design and deployment of a compensation & benefits framework, down to the transformation of the HR function.

HR consulting market

The market for human resource consulting services is estimated to be worth $31 billion, representing approximately 10% of the total global consulting market, making it the smallest of the six main industry segments. During the crisis years, HR consulting was one of the chief casualties within the recession of the consulting industry – according to analysts, spending on human resource consulting contracted by 10% or more in mature geographies. Since 2011, growth levels in the market have been restored and the revenue of HR consulting services has seen a rise of around $1 billion per year. Annual growth percentages vary between 3.6% and 4.5%, with most recent years showing better performances. In the coming years, spending on HR consultants is forecasted to continue to grow on the back of large trends in the human capital domain such as an ageing workforce, continued mismatch on the labour market, the rising impact of diversity /inclusion and the need to bring employee capacities in line with 21st century skill sets.

HR consulting services

The market for human resource consulting services consists of eight main disciplines: Human Capital Strategy, Compensation & Benefits, Organisational Change, HR Function, Talent Management, HR Analytics, Learning & Development and HR Technology. Human capital strategy includes a variety of strategic work in the HR domain, such as defining a corporate culture, organisational design, setting up a people strategy that supports key pillars in the business, as well as the design of HR-related strategies in the area of diversity, recruitment and talent management among others. Compensation & benefits, a segment also known as total rewards, looks at all aspects of employee compensation and benefits from base and variable pay to bonus schemes and other secondary benefits across the entire organisation – from board level to employees on the workfloor. The discipline also includes pensions / retirement consulting, and advisory services tied to health and welfare. Organisational change encompasses the people side of change, aimed at successfully guiding and embedding changes in organisational structure, ways of working, or cultural changes within an enterprise. Change management stands at the heart of the service area, spanning advisory expertise to tools and interventions, with leadership alignment, stakeholder management, change interventions and cultural management being the main offerings. Organisational change services can be sold as standalone offerings by consultancies. However, they are typically bundled into larger functional transformations to safeguard the people side of change. The HR function area focuses on all activities related to improving the functioning of the human resource department. Offerings vary from developing and implementing an HR target or delivery model, to the implementation of HR systems and technologies, or other HR transformations that boost processes and organisational efficiency. Talent management encompasses all activities required to recruit, retain and develop talent, as well as establishing the right structure and processes to ensure that professionals can perform optimally. Key propositions include strategic workforce planning – the science to anticipate on present and future human capital needs by matching business goals with HR data – recruitment & retention, workforce effectiveness and performance management. Through the rise of data and new technologies, HR analytics has grown into a full-fledged service area within HR consulting. HR analytics focuses on applying analytic processes to the human capital spectrum, with the key objective of adding insights and value to HR activities. The learning & development service line, also referred to as training & development, is concerned with activities aimed at improving the performance of individuals and groups. The scope ranges from organisational and competency development across leadership, departments and functions to support the training and education needs of individuals. Learning & development also includes the soft side of development, such as coaching and mentoring, as well as the technological side of training, such as the development and implementation of learning management systems. Lastly, HR technology is the field that specialises in all systems and tools used in the HR department, including large ERP modules by SAP, Oracle or Microsoft, and more niche solutions per functional domain.

What does an HR consultant do?

Human resource consultants are generally hired by three types of clients. Firstly, HR advisors support HR directors and managers of client organisations with improving the performance of the HR function - examples include implementing an HR business partner delivery model, redesigning HR processes or implementing a HRIS system. Secondly, HR consultants are hired by clients – business, HR or works councils – to support broader human capital issues. This can range from providing HR support on M&A programmes to managing a cultural transformation or developing a new talent management strategy for critical business functions. Lastly, HR consultants are typically staffed on large transformations to ensure that the necessary people and human capital expertise is on board, complementing the traditional 'hard' functional skills that are already part of the project. In this case, the client is often an internal consulting department that leads the delivery of the engagement. For example: a Finance Transformation programme at a client will be led by the Finance service line, which will subsequently call upon human capital consultants to lead areas such as leadership alignment, change management, learning and communication.